How we invest and support our portfolio companies: flexible checks, low friction, and a large network.

How We Invest

We are purely a co-investor: We solely invest in rounds that are being led by other firms, and so we never request board seats or negotiate terms. We invest on the terms that have already been established by the company or lead investor.

We invest across all industries, stages, and geographies: We invest with the goal of providing our investors a diversified portfolio across each of these three vectors.

We mainly consider five key factors when evaluating an investment opportunity:

  1. Team
  2. Company Traction / Performance
  3. Market Dynamics
  4. Lead Investor
  5. Deal Structure
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Services for Our Portfolio Companies

We add value to our portfolio companies by helping connect them to the AVG community of 400k potential customers, business owners, partners, and experts. Among those contacts: alumni from the best universities in the US, professional investors, experienced entrepreneurs, and C-suite executives across a variety of industries.

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Raising Capital?

Submit Your Company for Funding

Once you submit your information, we will review the details. If the opportunity fits our investment model and our current portfolio needs, then one of our investment teams will reach out to schedule a call.